view from behind of people sat in a theatre waiting for a performance to begin

I like looking at people before a theatre performance starts. The couples glued to their phone rather than engage in more relentless small talk with each other (because let’s face it they’ve both run out of things to talk about it, but are too entrenched in their fear of being alone to admit it). The couple drinking gin and ts at a matinee even though it’s 2.30 in the middle of the week because as soon as they walk through the theatre doors normal societal rules do not apply. The couple where one is lost staring into the distance because…

The story of how I was romanced by everything Connell and Marrianne did (and didn’t say) in the TV production of the novel ‘Normal People’ (Warning: this article contains spoilers and discusses suicide).

‘Normal People’ protagonist Connell, memorably played by Paul Mescal

I must admit I wasn’t a huge fan of ‘Normal People’ after watching the first few episodes.

Now, it does feel like some kind of sacrilege to write such a thing (yet, also cathartic to get off my chest). …

Where was my Alice Pieszecki when I needed her 11 years ago?

I first started to contemplate that I could be gay when I was 14 years old.

I would stay up at my Aunt’s house in Florida watching old episodes of The L Word I had just ‘stumbled upon’ (that’s the excuse I had at the ready if a bleary-eyed, dressing-gowned relative were to catch me). The brazenness of each character — talking openly about women, sex… and well, actually acting it out (realistically enough to set my baby gay fire alight) struck a mix of excitement and fear in me. Why was I up this late at night watching this…

Charlotte Ashley

writer passionate about equality (and seeing pics of your dog)

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